Wednesday, 13 July 2011

W.I.P. Green Man

So I originaly started this because I've been hanging to work on a green man piece for a while. Then it became a gift idea for a good friend who has just moved house... but then i started to get interest about the possibility of selling it... So who knows what will happen to it!
I had also set a challenge for myself to make it out of up-cycled materials, so the backing fabric has been taken from a skirt and the leaves from school jumpers. The stumpwork leaves are wired around the edge to allow me to shape them before stitching them down, which although great, is also very time consuming when you have to bend them into the right shapes first! And i'll be honest, I've nearly poked my eye out several times...

All the background stitching done and leaves applied before the stumpwork leaves go on.

stumpwork leaves added to the forehead and chin... just 4 more leaves to go!

Now, I will have to put this project a side for a little while as i have a small commission to do before the end of the month (which i'll share with you in my next post), but I don't suspect this guy will be hanging around for very long...


  1. Hi! Found you through the Hand Embroidery Network blog list... What a lovely project! I love green men, and this is just a stunning piece of work. I'm looking forward to seeing it progress.

  2. Thanks Romilly! Glad you popped by to say hello :)

  3. Hi Rebecca Ray, your Green Man looks amazing!! Very creative & the stitching looks fabulous!