Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Letting my Inner Groupie out!

Roller Derby. It's pretty awesome. And if you don't know what i'm talking about, it's worth checking it out. Here in Victoria we have several leagues and I just so happen to know a few people playing in them. One in particular is my friend Molly. She kicks ass for the 'Cutthroat Charmers', part of the 'South Sea Roller Derby League'. I've been behind molly all the way from the begining and when she got to play her first bout I made her a hand embroidered iron on badge with her derby name on it, which she proudly sports on her behind!
Once 'Mollycious Intent' was proudly sporting hers I was commissioned again to do one for 'Inkabelle' who wears hers on the back of her team vest...
Today i finished one for 'The Red Baroness'. I have no idea where she's going to put hers, but it will be pretty cool "badge spotting" when i next get up to the city to see them bout!

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