Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Nude: All finished and ready to go!

Wow! I can't believe it has been a month since the last time I posted on here... But to be fair it's been pretty busy in my world. Deaths, Promotions and a long To-Do list have filled up my days over the last month but in preparation for the upcoming Nowa Nowa Nudes exhibition next weekend I wanted to show you my entry fully finished and ready to go.

I only hit one snag with this piece, when i had to replace some net thanks to an over excited cat practising her parkour skills in my workroom and putting her foot through it. But we can keep that between us, right? Sweet...

So the first thing I had to do after i had finished all the stitching was cut back the second layer of linen. All of this has to be carefully done as you don't want to cut through the net or any of the stitching you've done.
the pictures don't show it, but the linen is cut right back to the stitching so there is none flapping about. This is going to make the skin seem more white as the coloured backing fabric won't show through so easily. Then I had to turn it over and start cutting the linen to reveal the net...
 A few tweeks here and there (I did mention my cat...) and it was finished! I decided to choose red to go behind her, not just because red is my favorite colour but also because I thought a nude pin up should express passion. I'm pretty pleased with the outcome and I hope the judges at the exhibition are too!


  1. Love your nude lady what beautiful needlework you have done. Love it.

  2. Absolutely Stunning! Just saw your progressive photos on HEN and had to come take a peek at your Blog., This is a piece of ART and you should be so proud. What did you end up doing with it? Love it!!!

    1. Well, she went on show at the Nowa Nowa Nudes, but she didn't sell so in a few weeks she will be up for sale in my Etsy shop, along with some kits and some other pieces of work.